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 Rules of Pokemon Rainbow

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PostSubject: Rules of Pokemon Rainbow   Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:48 am

These of the rules of the game and the forums.

1) Respect the staff of the game. These are Jasen117, Leemos, and Nayuki Minase. in the game they have the final say over everything. If you have a problem, go to one of those three. If there is a disagreement among them Jasen will make the decision.

2) If a rule is not posted but it is common sense, then it should be obvious that it should be followed and if it is proven to be a problem will be added here.

Now for the game rules,

1) Do not spam
2) Do not advertise
3) Do not be disrespectful
4) Do not block
5) Do not kill wilds
6) Do not keep your pokemon out if you do not have to.

Here are the forum rules

1) No spamming
2) No advertising
3) Be Respectful
4) Keep content where they belong

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Rules of Pokemon Rainbow
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