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 Last Segment: Quests & Maps

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PostSubject: Last Segment: Quests & Maps   Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:25 am

1.Remove map Pokemon & replace with encounter areas. (terrain specific)
2.Make My full fledged Castle (interior exterior) (hook entrance to Jasen's GM house)
3.Make Castle Map.
4.Make the quest lines story(or have Lee do it)
5.Create the interactions and such needed for the money quest.

-OPTIONAL- (if I have time)
6.Add Buy-able Player houses (in game money, and about 10-15 of them(However many fit in 1 blank map.))
7.Create the interactions and such for the special quest line. feature inside your home.
9.Invite player to you're home feature.
10.Wallpaper selection.
Gonna work on this till next Monday.

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Last Segment: Quests & Maps
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