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 Straight from my notes: Subtle Changes

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PostSubject: Straight from my notes: Subtle Changes   Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:18 am

Basically what I'm gonna do next.
-Subtle changes-
1.Fix up Nayuki's map and add gm rooms. (Chris', Nayuki's, and Dusty's)
2.Re-size natural size of icons. (map size fits)
3.No more infinite money.
4.Banner announcements:
Remove all but, the TV form of announcements & Default Announce, and private Announce.
(private popup & etc)
5.Conversations with NPCs are click based and view related.
6.Readjust leveling quickness.
7.Medal System (For Gym leader ranks, for evolving, and for a level 100 Pokemon.)
8.Remove the Teases.(Rares just out of reach, admin special things, etc.)
9.Messaging & Send items mail like feature.
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Straight from my notes: Subtle Changes
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