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 Next segment:Intro Finish & Full overhaul on stats.

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PostSubject: Next segment:Intro Finish & Full overhaul on stats.   Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:07 am

Now, I think that I will beable to start on my Stat system and finish up the intro by this day.
So, I will be completely redoing the stats to try and match them as close as I can to the Pokedex used in-game. As well, as that I plan to do level limits and experience adjustments to make it as close to Pokemon as possible and possibly put in 'effort' something that gives you 1 stat depending on the stat advantage the other Pokemon has like if it's strength is the highest stat then beating it will give you 1 stat for strength.

And introduce, S.Attack, S.Defence and such.
And give free pts or something that you get every level up to ten then every 3-4 levels you get 1.
Oh and the limit will be 150-250 in level to keep people from being completely unreachable by a new player but it still will have challenge to do the experience changes that are going to be done in this. I figure this takes a couple of days so next segment will be probably on Monday. If I get done early I will start sooner but wont post the change do to it probably taking to long to post.
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Next segment:Intro Finish & Full overhaul on stats.
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