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 Version: 2 Blastoise Edition

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PostSubject: Version: 2 Blastoise Edition   Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:04 am

-Plans for this coming update-
1.New Region
2.Advantage based on types system and that particular pokemon's weaknesses and strengths.
(x2 x4 damage)
3.Possible mini pre-made selectable avatars for players.
4.New Skin tailored for this particular 'Edition'/Update.
(Probably will be a download for the skins as I update/change each skin so you can pick your favorite one.)
5.Minor fixes regarding GMSay, Say color, and such.
6.Event Arena.

-Admin updates-
1.Admin Avatar Chat System
2.Log System (OOC,Say kinda thing.)
3.Admin Housing.
(Message Me when this says GO in green. About how you want your house setup. You can ask for custom things and I might give them to you.)
4.Modifications of special verbs.
5.Event Verb.


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Version: 2 Blastoise Edition
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