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 Admin Application

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PostSubject: Admin Application   Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:32 pm

In game name- Twilight

Username- Tangastormy51

Why should you pick me?- you should pick me because I am a great admin, i watch the game as much as possible, if a player deserves a ban, boot, mute, etc. I will not take any excuses on why they should get those punishments, unless they have an actually good reason why, and i mean A REALLY GOOD REASON. Not a reason where they say "Well, they started it..." Or "Someone just got me mad." Or any of that.... I will not take any crap from anyone unless if it is a GM or admin or someone like that because i did something wrong, or anything like that... I will respect all players, higher ranks, and lower ranks. I will treat everyone with respect who deserves it. I will do anything i can to keep my spot, I will do everything anyone asks that is reasonable and not inappropriate or anything like that. That is all i can think of for now, if you want me to add more just let me know and i will.

Anyone who can Vouch for me- Dicez, Onyx095, Roget330, Ariel_1, Arterix, Boota, Bubble9, Shotton17, Intch95, Damion 10000, Dr. DraX, DustinG2Wii, Drizz in flames, EvolutionMe, GreatFisher, HawkTalon0, Ichigo560, ImDaOnlyOne, JerichoX, Lance0141, Legit_Skittles, Liepard, Luke5050, Roflmao1298, SatanicDave, Simcra, Sin 9333, Sir Squeaky Boots, Teka 123, and Zeus Middle.

Other games i have been admin, GM and co-owner on are:

Admin, GM and co-owner on Pokemon Red Rose
GM 1, 2 and Head GM, Admin and Co-owner on Pokemon Days
GM 1, 2, head GM, and head Admin on Pokemon Black Storm
Admin on Pokemon Legacy

And that is it, thanks for reading! Smile

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Admin Application
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